Sunday, March 16, 2014

PASINAYA 2014 ootd

Hello everyone. Here's my first post of baby G's ootd. I'll be posting more soon!

Headband: SM Kids fashion
Top and skirt: Crib couture
Shoes: Hime stuffs (instagram)

Yesterday we went to Mall of Asia to have lunch with our dad (Cierra's lolo) and spend time with him since he lives apart from us. We also went to CCP's Pasinaya 2014. It was a gala concert where various artists, dancers and artistic groups showcase their talent for free! Haha but there's a suggested donation of only 50php but nevermind that.. I mean what's 50php in exchange of a chance to see world class performances from our very own filipino artists right? It was an amazing experience for me and Cierra, we learned a lot and saw awesome performances. You can checkout CCP's facebook here. Oh and btw, baby G can sit on her own now! Yey!! ☺

Monday, March 10, 2014


Baby G celebrated her 6th month last week and I was very happy because it means I can start feeding her with solid foods. I plan to feed her with natural foods since I just stay at home and I have all the time to prepare it.  My mom told me during their time, you can feed a baby with solids starting at 3 months but it was already changed to 6 months. Anyway, her pedia told me to start first with rice with a bit of water to make the mixture a bit runny (but I used breastmilk 'cause it's so much healthier :P) then after 2 days we can try potato then carrots and then squash. I was a bit surprised because doctora told me to start first with rice, I was expecting carrots or sweet potato. Haha so after her monthly check up I was so excited to buy feeding utensils and of course to feed her.

Here's some of her feeding utensils. (Will post a review after a week)

Tommee Tippee trainer feeding bowl
from SM baby company P 549.75
I just love the color! Hehe. I also wanted to buy the mat that holds the bowl, too bad it's out of stock at SM southmall. I've been looking for that mat online but I cant find it. :(

Avent Sippy Cup 6mos+
from Avent King P 350 (what a steal! ☺ Mall price is around P 500+)
Cierra doesnt know how to drink from this yet hehe. Still practicing.. ☺

Nanny freezer food trays
from SM baby company P 209.75 (on sale)

And here's baby G with her first taste of rice just this morning. Hahaha funny reaction!! >u< I'm sorry baby for posting this funny but definitely cute picture of you with big nostrils hahaha and no headband. I love you baby G! I forgot to put on her headband 'cause I was so excited to feed her. 

Im so excited to try other foods!!
Mommies can you share some recipe of natural food purees for babies 6months and up? Thanks po! :)